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29/03/2014 05:58
yeah. driving home today. will be at waagh Smile

27/03/2014 22:34
So you back in the country then?

27/03/2014 18:28
Yeah time flies ken quick nowadays... Bloody responisble life and **** gets in the way

27/03/2014 13:51
It so does not feel like 5/6 months since I made that list :/

27/03/2014 09:11
Yep, you shagged the pooch on that one Smile

26/03/2014 21:36
And now my list is all out of dates... lame.

26/03/2014 21:27

12/03/2014 22:31

01/03/2014 16:41
Oops. Fixed >.>

01/03/2014 06:59
oi corey, ya dates on the front page are wrong. fyi peeps, waagh is on tomorrow

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Waagh Shedule!


The Waagh is on every second Sunday unless I post otherwise.

Below is a list of dates that the Waagh is on. The astute among you will notice that it is, as above, every second Sunday. I decided to do this list as the first date after the last list I made saw no-one turn up (except Ben, but he spends way too much time here, so doesn't count).

So, as always, the Waagh is at Corey's Shed (55 Federal St), at 1200hrs and there's currently a gold coin donation for entry.

Dates the Waagh is on:


Any questions, just PM my lovely self on here.

Waagh 21st July

Hey there. Yonder Waagh will be about again this weekend. Sunday, of course. The usual fare of 40k/WHFB/etc/etc/etc will be on. Catch you folks there. I'll be looking for a Fantasy game to test out my new Empire stuff, Jacob wants to try his 40k Black Blood Templangels out and I'm sure other people want to do interesting stuff too.

Usual Place, Usual Time, Usual Cost
Corey's Shed, 1200hrs, Gold Coin Donation

Also I seriously need to write a template for this that I can just copy/paste...

Waagh 7th July

Right, Crap. I forgot about this. Waagh is on Sunday. Tomorrow (apparently). Good. Stuff will happen. See you there!

Corey's Shed, 1200hrs, Gold Coin Donation.

Waagh 23rd June

Ohhh-kay. So I'm feeling distinctly lazy. Let's be done with this: Waagh is on again this weekend like you'd never have guess. Usual smattering of stuff along with Damo running Dreadball demos for those interested in that (actually happening this time).

So, yeah. Catch you there.

Corey's Shed, 1200hrs, gold coin donation


Waagh 9th June

NewsExcuse my lateness, but it's once again the Waagh fortnight. If the Postage Gods are with us Damo will have some shiny Mantic Dreadball stuff to show off and maybe kick around a few games, there'll be the usual 40k and WHFB as well as some possible Killzone and perhaps anything else that pitches your tent.

So, yeah, come along. You know the drill:

Corey's Shed, 1200hrs, Gold Coin Donation

Waagh 26th May

Good evening. It's Waagh this weekend. In exciting news we have Damo swinging in to give Bloodbowl tutorial games to anyone who feels like they might want to join in on the next ABBL season.

Beyond that, it's the usual fair of 40k, Fantasy and whatever floats your boat.

Usual place, usual time, usual cost.
Corey's Shed, 1200hrs, gold coin donation

OH! Almost forgot. We also have MORE CHAIRS now. No longer will you have to fight a constant battle with other folks stealing your chairs and, thus, your honour.


Waagh 12th May

NewsOnce again, it is that time. This Sunday is Waagh, and also Mothers' Day. Don't forget that last part, or you'll regret it.

Other than that momentus occasion, there'll also be the usual show of Fantasy, 40k and shenanigans. Oh, and some free stuff courtesy of the benevolent Damo.

Usual place, usual time, usual cost.
Corey's Shed, 1200hrs, gold coin donation

Also a picture:

Waagh 28th April

Ahoy there.

Um. This week I really don't have anything to say other than that Waagh is on.

Usual place, usual time, usual cost
Corey's Shed, 1200,  gold coin donation

I guess I better at least find a picture. Hmm. Whoa. Second result for Googling 'picture'. Awesome. Bye.

Waagh 14th April

Hello there. Seems to once again be that time. After a break over the long weekend we have the joy of the new Tau Codex to experience. So we can all look forward to Jake tabling Jacob (possibly over and over again) among the usual 40k/Fantasy and whatever else the cat drags in.

Usual place, usual time, usual cost
Sunday 1200hrs, 55 Federal St, Gold Coin donation

Cheers folks and see you there!

Skulls for the Greater Good!

NO Waagh 31st March

A very slight difference in the post this time. That is to say that it is NOT that time again. Due to the long weekend meaning a likely very low turnout, along with there not being anyone available to actually open/close the venue, we won't be opening the Waagh next weekend.

Sorry to anyone who was planning to come down anyway, but we hope to see you out here for the next gathering on the 14th of April.

Alas, don't be sad, because there are pictures! I believe I mentioned two pictures, but I decided to settle for one. Which is kind of two. The joys of photoshop done by other people, I guess. Thusly, enjoy this cat in Raynor's armour.

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